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Are you addicited to your cellphone? Take the quiz!

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Is your cell phone a useful habit or a subtle addiction?

1. Are you constantly aware of your cell-phone, whether it’s in your pocket, on the table in front of you, or in your hand as you walk down the sidewalk? 

2. When you first wake up in the morning, do you immediately look at your cell-phone to check for new notifications? Do you check your phone before acknowledging your spouse beside you? 

3. Before you fall asleep at night, do you mindlessly scrolling through your social feed?   

4. Do you find yourself texting or scrolling through social media while you are spending time with friends or family? 

5. Do you find yourself staring down at your cell-phone screen while your children are in the same room as you and asking for your attention?   

6. Do you text or use your phone in any way while you are driving a motor vehicle, or doing some other task that requires your full attention? 

7. When you eat meals with others, is your cell-phone on the table in front of you? Do you answer it mid-meal, mid-sentence? 

8. Before a work meeting or class begins, do you take your phone out and scroll or text instead of engaging in human interaction? 

9. Are you capable of leaving the house for a full day and intentionally leaving your phone behind? 

10. Do you have an intense urge to regularly check your phone for updates or notifications?

11. If you see that you have a new email or text or voicemail or notification, do you feel an unshakable desire to immediately check to see what it is?  

12. Do you wish, deep down inside, that you could be less “connected” to your phone?

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