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Bring It Up! Radio Show 8-13-17

The Surprising Sequence to Success!
Comedian Nazareth: Coming to America & Coming to Christ
3 Things that Hold Women Back...and How to Stop Them!
Are We Having Fun Yet? The Key to Real Joy!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 8-6-17

Sita's Story: Finding Real Hope in Hopeless Situations
Building a Marriage that Lasts
8 Things to STOP Doing for Your Teen!
Back to School for Moms

Bring It Up! Radio Show 7-30-17

The benefits of work for today's teens
Preparing your freshman before they hit the college campus
Nutrition and your kids: Grow it and they will eat it!
Last minute ideas for summer fun that won't break the bank!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 7-23-17

What's the body for anyway?
Marriage Counselor & Author Lucille Williams: From Me to We
Comedian Nazareth: Singleness and God's Plan!
The Key to Producing Fruit that Lasts

Bring It Up! Radio Show 7-16-17

Author Alan Fadling reveals keys to "The Unhurried Life"
Keys to Civil Dialogue in Uncivilized Times
The Lavish Love of God!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 7-9-17

Renowned Child Psychologist Dr. John Rosemond: The most character- building word your child needs to hear? "No!"
Focus on the Family's Lisa Anderson: Navigating Solo this Season
Are we monitoring God's business?

Bring It Up! Radio Show 7-2-17

Crucial Conversations with Your College Student
Career Coach Brenda Bertrand: Practical Tips to Get that Job!
Identifying Your Values, Shaping Your Family
Fourth of July: Bloopers and Blessings!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 6-25-17

Find your plumbline, clarify your priorities!
Unpacking a groundbreaking study on sexuality and gender
What your clothes say about you
The Beatitudes of Social Media!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 6-18-17

Author Scott Keith: The Father Heart of God
Dr. Meg Meeker: Why Dads Matter
The Real Life Wonder Woman!
Why everyone can celebrate Father's Day

Bring It Up! Radio Show 6-11-17

From the Dust of India: Perspectives on Contentment
Career Counselor Brenda Bertrand: Love what you and do what you love!
Author Laura Yang: Sharing your God story
Journaling for Dummies!


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