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Bring It Up! Radio Show 2-17-19

Marriage and Family Therapist Karen Shurtz: Powerful Hope and Healing for Hurting Marriages
The Opioid Crisis: What You Need to Know NOW!
I'm Happy for You (NOT)...Breaking the Comparison Trap!
Good News: Kind Actions of Everyday Heroes Among Us

Bring It Up! Radio Show 2-10-19

Psychologist Dr. Mark Baker: The Impact and Importance of Traditional Masculinity on Family and Culture
Dr. Mark Baker: Parenting Boys to Men in a "Toxic Masculinity" World
Single or Relationship Challenged? Your Valentine's Day Thrive Guide!
Dream Together: Valentine's Day Conversation Starters for Couples

Bring It Up! Radio Show 2-3-19

Take Action: Hope, Help and Healing in the wake of NY's radical abortion law
Relationship Wisdom: When to act, when to wait, how to pray!
Is Your Marriage a Horror Movie or a Beloved Classic?
Valentine's Day Fun: Money Can't Buy Me Love!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 1-20-19

New Year, same old problems? Therapist Donna Sardisco gives tools for a fresh start!
Keys to Being a Worry-Free Mom!
A "Spiritual Wardrobe" check: What to keep, what to toss!
The One-Day Detox

Bring It Up! Radio Show 1-13-19

Author Deborah Pegues: Keys to Becoming Financially Savvy in 2019
What's Your "But God!" Story?
Say "No!" to Being a "People Pleaser"
Hilarious "Resolutions" for 2019!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 1-6-19

New Year's Resolutions that REALLY work!
Dispel the January "Blahs" With Therapist Karen Shurtz
Sex & Relationship Expert Joanna Hyatt: the facts about living together

Bring It Up! Radio Show 12-30-18

Life Coach Valerie Hasse: Getting healthy in the New Year!
Therapist Donna Sardisco: Beating the Post-Holiday Blues
Preventing the prodigal…keeping our kids on track
Finding your "Big Why”!

Bring It Up! Radio Show 12-23-18

Meet the God Who Fixes Things
MeToo# Movement Holiday Fallout
Your Christmas Break Survival Guide!
What Do We Really Want this Christmas?

Bring It Up! Radio Show 12-16-18

Honoring President Bush: A Life Well-Lived
Groundbreaking study on screen time
Joy or happiness? Why choose?
What are you giving the Birthday Boy this Christmas?

Bring It Up! Radio Show 12-2-18

Author Deborah Pegues: Keys to Civil Dialogue During the Holidays
A Shout Out to Single Moms! Sharing Encouragement and Support
The Two Stories of Christmas
Science Once Again Confirms Biblical History!


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